The Soulbringers Law - 14 - Abysses II

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Brutal violence, abuse, murder and manslaughter... The universe is full of them and the protagonists of the great saga "The Soulbringers Law" are confronted with them again and again.Often death is the longed-for and welcome end and redemption for the victim, because the way there is torturous, full of humiliation, abuse and pain. Or death comes cowardly, from ambush and unexpectedly, abruptly ending a life that was only moments before enjoyed to the full.Volume 14 of the great saga tells four absolutely vicious, bloody stories in the course of which the investigators encounter absurd perversions and fish in frustration for a long time. The investigators, all of them well known and popular protagonists of the saga from the other stories, have to solve hair-raising cases that demand everything from them and even the so-called immortals, whose lives can only be ended by extreme violence, have to drop feathers and the reader has to say goodbye to one or the other loved character.Abysses II is not a book for the delicately strung reader, because the blood of the victims literally runs out of the pages and reveals the deepest chasms of wickedness.

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  • Taschenbuch : 360 Seiten
  • ISBN-13 : 979-8653643880
  • Größe und/oder Gewicht : 12.7 x 2.08 x 20.32 cm
  • Herausgeber : Independently published (13. Juni 2020)
  • Sprache: : Englisch
  • ASIN : B08B39MRGS
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