Mousy - Girl on Girl 6 - englisch

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Bruttopreis 1-3 Tage

Silke (Mousy) lives in a run-down hovel in a prefabricated building from GDR times somewhere beyond Dresden and is almost at the point of ending her life.Then she discovers the website 'My First Video', applies and gets her chance to introduce herself to the porn industry.She succeeds, joins Shark Video Productions in Inzell in the Girl on Girl division and within a short time advances to an internationally celebrated star, even receives an Oscar for the defused version of one of her full-length films.But a dark shadow lies over her murky, painful past and soon catches up with her in the form of a sniper.Can Detective Inspector Jura Eigerling and her assistant, Detective Candidate Maike Schaffmann, put an end to the series of murders in Mousy's environment and save her life?When Eigerling realizes how the killer works, she decides to make an unconventional effort to get hold of him.

2-3 Tage

  • ASIN : B08SB5563Z
  • Herausgeber : Independently published (6. Januar 2021)
  • Sprache : Englisch
  • Taschenbuch : 180 Seiten
  • ISBN-13 : 979-8591230722
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